31 dicembre 2012

30 dicembre 2012

postcards from Italy

card per carlachemello con immagine vintage di  ragazzine anni quaranta, segnalibro con riquadro e riproduzione di immagine di stamperia del XVIII secolo; caratteri mobili in piombo su pedalina tipografica, attrezzi e strumenti studio Nora letterpress

29 dicembre 2012

piccola edizione con incisioni botaniche vintage del XIX secolo

28 dicembre 2012

Christmas wrapping

su quanto i gatti adorino la carta da regalo e incartare i doni di Natale - un estratto dal post del gatto Murphy Hill in ROOKIE Magazine:

Literally the Best Thing Ever: Christmas Wrapping

Oh, “Christmas wrapping”! What a dream when you arrive in our home! The glorious paper! The ribbons and bows! The tissue paper! The temporary housing provided by boxes! Once a year you show up in my life, taunting me from beneath the tree, covering the boring objects that humans seem to hanker for. I wait for weeks, crouched beside you, for that magnificent morning when the foolish humans rip you away from their worthless prizes and carelessly toss you to the floor, where we meet in a beautiful riot of crunching and crinkling.
I tear at you with my paws. I roll around on you, mesmerized by your smooth yet soft yet crumply texture. When the humans scrunch you into balls and toss you across the room, I give chase, giddy with excitement. And when they attempt to “clean up” by sweeping you away like so much garbage, I sit on you and refuse to move. For I know that you, dear paper, are the true prize. You are an amusement park of art, a Christmas miracle, a holiday bounty beyond the wildest of dreams!
I cannot save you, for I am no match for a giant who can simply reach out a hand and lift my entire body into the air as easily as they lift those cozy laundry baskets filled with clean, warm towels before I get a chance to bless those linens by squirming about in their nest, leaving behind mounds of luxurious hair. But all is not lost! After you’ve been stuffed into trash bags and whisked away, there are still the ribbons and bows, waiting to be torn to shreds and proudly carried about. They’re a bit like string, only much fancier, and much easier to pulverize. Occasionally, if a bow is fancy enough, I’ll allow it to be placed gently on my head, a suitable crown for a king. And when the crown falls off, I will shred it with my claws or attempt to eat it, until it is taken away for safety purposes. Farewell, dear bow! I shall miss your decorative appeal and waxy aftertaste!
Yours Ever,
Murphy Hill, a cat

foto courtesy rookiemag.com

27 dicembre 2012

season's greetings / 2

una singolare coccinella di Natale è apparsa in casa di Nora sui cerbiattini arrivati oggi in dono...

26 dicembre 2012

season's greetings

foto di Slim Aarons via www.designboom.com
christmas swim, 1954 
penthouse pool, 1961
poolside gossip , 1970

25 dicembre 2012

buon Natale!

buon Natale
con le bougies parfumées ANDREA PALLADIO per Carla Chemello 
studio packaging ed etichetta stampata in letterpress da Nora letterpress studio

23 dicembre 2012

22 dicembre 2012

ready for the party

Nora con gli addobbi di Natale e scatola per panettoni vintage di cartone anni sessanta

21 dicembre 2012

meraviglie e sorprese in agguato e in preparazione...

foto sopra e sotto courtesy museo Lele Luzzati

18 dicembre 2012

card di Natale in stampa e in partenza...

16 dicembre 2012

little songs

in studio fa freddo, ma c'è chi riposa finchè i torchi e le macchine da stampa di Nora letterpress preparano le ordinazioni e i regalini di Natale...

15 dicembre 2012

la neve

c'è la neve! * Nora controlla, in cerca di nuove ispirazioni.
Ne nascono una serie di segnalibri e segnaposto ispirati a stampe vintage inglesi settecentesche...

coming soon...

in attesa del Natale... Nora letterpress è al lavoro per numerose commissioni
foto dello studio: in alto due foto d'antan e un ritratto a matita di Nora+ stelline di Natale; sotto: carta vergatina fine vintage e card letterpress con paesaggio invernale

13 dicembre 2012

santa Lucia

Østersøen (Ödland, Sankta Lucia)

12 dicembre 2012

You are a cousin of my dog

Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins breaks down the math of evolution and cousin marriages to demonstrate that we are all related:

Yes, we are all related. You are a (probably distant) cousin of the Queen, and of the president of the United States, and of me. You and I are cousins of each other. You can prove it to yourself.
Everybody has two parents. That means, since each parent had two parents of their own, that we all have four grandparents. Then, since each grandparent had to have two parents, everyone has eight great-grandparents, and sixteen great- great-grandparents and thirty-two great-great-great-grandparents and so on.
You can go back any number of generations and work out the number of ancestors you must have had that same number of generations ago. All you have to do is multiply two by itself that number of times.
Suppose we go back ten centuries, that is to Anglo-Saxon times in England, just before the Norman Conquest, and work out how many ancestors you must have had alive at that time.
If we allow four generations per century, that’s about forty generations ago.
Two multiplied by itself forty times comes to more than a thousand trillion. Yet the total population of the world at that time was only around three hundred million. Even today the population is seven billion, yet we have just worked out that a thousand years ago your ancestors alone were more than 150 times as numerous.
[…] The real population of the world at the time of Julius Caesar was only a few million, and all of us, all seven billion of us, are descended from them. We are indeed all related. Every marriage is between more or less distant cousins, who already share lots and lots of ancestors before they have children of their own.

By the same kind of argument, we are distant cousins not only of all human beings but of all animals and plants. You are a cousin of my dog and of the lettuce you had for lunch, and of the next bird that you see fly past the window. You and I share ancestors with all of them. But that is another story.

foto da qui
testo da Big Questions from Little People & SImple Answers from Great Minds (editore public library), uno dei migliori libri per bambini del 2012 via www.brainpickings.org

08 dicembre 2012

a cat's life

A Cat's Life di Gemma Correll
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